What is Gothic Lolita and are there other types of Lolita’s?

Lolita is a subculture of fashion that is wildly popular in Japan. It features European and Victorian styled clothing, with short skirts, extravagant frills, bows and stockings, the Lolita trend has been in fashion since the 1970’s, making its debut into everyday street-style during the 1990’s. People who identify with the Lolita fashion style can be seen in the districts of Shibuya and Harajuku.


Gothic Lolita’s are a subtype of the Lolita trend. They tend to wear all black clothing, with over-the-top lace and stockings that usually cover most of the leg. The sexualisation and fetish aspect of the Lolita trend usually is not met by the Gothic Lolita’s, in the sense that they do not represent child-like tendencies that other Lolita style types do. Gothic Lolita’s, although not adult-like, their style is very mature in comparison to other Lolita’s, with their all black attire representing a form of maturity in comparison. Gothic Lolita’s have impacted the international fashion market, with their all black style becoming increasingly a staple in international retail.

Subtypes of Lolita’s: 

Sweet Lolita’s dress in child-like attire. This style of Lolita is very popular in the international media and is replicated by a lot of people. This style of Lolita is criticised for occasionally sexualising childhood. Sweet Lolita’s love the concept of Kawaii (view previous blog) and love the colours pink & purple.

Brolita’s are men who find the Lolita trend appealing. Although Lolita focuses mainly on feminine outfits, this style is for everybody and Brolita’s can sometimes be found in Japanese districts.

I explained Gothic Lolita’s above, but as I said previously: they are an all black style of Lolita, expressing a more mature and covered look in comparison to other Lolita’s.

The classic Lolita look is the less embellished form of a sweet Lolita, it contains more colour than Gothic Lolita’s, but it is definitely a lot less extravagant than a sweet Lolita.

Punk Lolita’s are similar to gothic Lolita’s, in the sense that they demonstrate a darker, rock aspect to their appearance. But Punk Lolita’s also express themselves with extra accessories e.g. chains & skulls.

There are many subtypes of Lolita’s, but the ones I have mentioned in this post are just the most popular in Japan. Lolita fashion is popular not only in Japan, but also internationally. It provides an escape from adulthood, allowing its followers to embrace their previous childhood.

Thanks for reading this post! Please remember to ask any questions you have and I will endeavour to answer them A.S.A.P. Next post I will be discussing male fashion in Japan and its importance in the fashion industry. So I hope you are looking forward to that post and continue to learn about the Japanese fashion industry with me 🙂


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