Welcome to “Fashion in Japan!”

The Japanese fashion industry is well-known for its bright colours, expressive outfits and outrageous trends. Looking good is a necessity that fashion conscious members of the Japanese public are willing to spend thousands to keep up with.


The districts of Harajuku and Shibuya are Tokyo’s capital’s for fashion, showcasing Japanese youth’s expression of fashion. They have been a haven for pop culture and will be a topic that is discussed throughout this blog. Other topics include the subcultures of Gothic Lolita and Kawaii and their influence on how Japanese culture is evolving. The influence teens have on the production of fashion within Japan and the way that Western fashion industry impacts how the Japanese population’s opinion on what is beautiful will also be key points that I will address in future blog posts.

Stay tuned to see the progression of my blog and allow me to teach you about the subcultures of the Japanese fashion industry. Together we will discover how positive and occasionally negative Japan’s fashion market can be!

Don’t forget to leave me some comments on each post for me to reply to! No question is a dumb question, I will be more than happy to answer anything that you asked. Thank you for reading my first post and I hope to see you again. 🙂



4 Replies to “Welcome to “Fashion in Japan!””

    1. Thanks for your comment! I will be discussing Japan’s conformity when I discuss Kawaii in a blog post that is coming out very soon! Please stay tuned and I hope I can answer your question in that post 🙂


    1. Japanese fashion is a very diverse and culturally important topic to focus a blog on. It is very interesting to see how the fashion industry plays such a huge role in their economy.
      Thank you for commenting! Make sure you keep up to date with my blog 🙂


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